OCRE’s updates

Can you imagine being an ocrean for a decade?

Can you imagine being an ocrean for a decade? Jim Bekker has started at OCRE 10 years ago via a personal relation who happened to be a client of OCRE. Some more details regarding Jim; he is 31 years old and is characterized by his level of professionalism, open...

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Offshore and HSE during a pandemic outbreak

Offshore as HSE during the outbreak of a pandemic The title represents a rather rare situation. How often do you experience such thing? Hopefully never. However, it is what happened to, among others, Wim Leutscher. In the very beginning of the year he went to a...

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Interview with Ricardo Guedes

We recently had an interview with one of our ocreans Ricardo Guedes. "So, tell us, how did you come in contact with OCRE?" Is a question that we asked Ricardo Guedes during our interview, an offshore medic who is working trough OCRE for one of our clients. But how did...

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