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Operations manager

Operations manager

Operations Manager


The Client is a fast growing solutions provider in Dredging, Power Cables installation, Seabed preparation, Rock placement and offshore construction projects.


As Operations manager you will be responsible for activities on 2 to 4 vessels. The first year you will be responsible for all rock dumping activities worldwide. After approximately one year activities will be wider, broadened including dredging and other constructions scopes. All operational aspects like crew, logistics and rock acquiring are for you. Management of divers groups in diverse international settings. Also in harsh environment and remote locations.


Higher professional education ( like BSC or MSC) with relevant diploma. Multiyear experience in rock dumping (amongs other activities).
Could be especially interesting for next step of project leader/coordinator, project engineer, construction manager, 1st officer or a captain of a rock dumping vessel.


Basic attitude needs to be very flexible. Working hours/days and locations.
Drive and intelligence to get the job done. Always. Never give up.
Communicator. Writing and verbal.


Centre of The Netherlands


Permanent contract

Contact information

OCRE Offshore Services B.V.
Benoordenhoutseweg 23
2596 BA The Hague

Tel: +31 (0)70 2400 170