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Senior Offshore Installation Expert

Senior Offshore Installation Expert

Senior Offshore Installation Expert


The Client is a Blue Marine Contracting (BMC). A fast growing consultancy and contracting company in the offshore wind. Only the highes level professionals in the Offshore Wind are working through BMC. Through BMC you will be working on various offshore wind projects and together with various major clients.


As Offshore Installation Expert you are the specialist who objectively advises our clients how to perform on a variety of submarine engineering and operational topics like: advise on defining best possible cable routes, UXO campaigns, contract management, installation and logistical topics.
You know about technical operations and logistical operational management for submarine installation and seabed preparation in the Offshore Wind realm. Your indepth knwoledge is about usage of ROV’s, seabed behaviour, risk management, SHEQ, UXO campaigns and all other seabed operations like presweep operations and trenching and burial activities . The do’s and dont’s. Have a feeling for the commercial pressure that exists on UXO policies and operational execution. Costs versus risks.


Higher professional education (MSC level) with relevant diploma. Multiyear experience in operations, management, high level (technical) negotiations,


Strong communicator in writing and verbal with indepth technical and operational knowledge. Political sensitivity, strong personality and perseverence. Drive.


Centre of The Netherlands


Permanent contract or else

Contact information

OCRE Offshore Services B.V.
Benoordenhoutseweg 23
2596 BA The Hague