The Offshore Journey I

The Offshore Journey

This is part I of The Offshore Journey, please start at the introduction to get the best reading experience.

So why did I choose the Offshore industry to work in? For me to explain this – is going to cost you some time reading (because one blogpost won’t allow me to explain you everything).

My thoughts on the market segment of ‘offshore’ are rather elaborate, but interesting. Let’s start with the basics. If we would divide the word ‘offshore’ in two it would show: off and shore. This means: not on land. In the sea. Connoting shallow seas and deep seas. We as human beings can float on the surface of these seas with vessels. We can even visit the bottom of the sea via our own manufactured constructions.

I began to wonder…

Human beings and other living creatures are the things that make this earth unique. Or let me rephrase that; close to unique. We do not exactly know if other planets in the universe are similar to the earth and also inhabited by living creatures. These remarks make me question: How is it possible that seemingly only this earth is populated by animals and human beings? Why do we exist? Is there a meaning for our existence? Honestly,  I had never asked myself these questions before my study as I did not wonder at all. But then I started my study in geology, attending zoology classes on the Darwinian evolution. And so, I began to wonder…

You can consider this as solely the first part of my answer to the question why I have chosen the offshore industry to work in. There are so many questions and theories related to the offshore and so much research can be done and has been done – the offshore is beyond interesting and important to understand nowadays life.

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