The Offshore Journey II

The Offshore Journey

This is part II of The Offshore Journey, please start at part I to get the best reading experience

I am trying to let you guys in on my perspective in relation to the questions I previously highlighted in my blog; why offshore? To give you a little recap, I ended with the fact that zoology classes on Darwinian evolution changed my view on the world.

I believe the way mankind behaves and what it incorporates is fascinating. Mankind’s behaviors are crucial to so many theories, questions, and statements. Why war exists, why we fight, why we love and why we care… But I could also reflect on theories in relation to mankind in the way viruses come and (hopefully) go and how organizations are managed.

Put shortly; evolution and its triggers intrigued me and still does…

Miracle or Coincidence?

Imagine a nice sunny Tuesday on earth some 4 billion years ago….. Was it sunny? Yes, it was! Tuesday a day without life. Wednesday a day with life on earth. By chance, a group of atoms was arranged in a specific order, in a cell, that started reproducing itself. A miracle? No not really. Just coincidence. At least 2 billion of years to patiently wait for the atoms to be placed in the right order. It was a small chance. A very, very, very small chance. But still… chance! Maybe this example illustrates the idea a little: you can roll one dice. Chance of getting the number one on top is 1/6 (16,7%). The chance gets rapidly smaller when you roll 1 million dices, and all the dices must have the number 1. The chance is very small but still possible.

And so, life started in the offshore, in the ocean. How do we know you ask? We find fossils of these original one cell families in sedimentary rocks in outcrops. The first fossils found are bacteria or bacteria look alike. Small one cellular organism.

In my next blog, I will continue to talk (shortly) about the evolution and the reproducing matter; because that’s what life is.

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