The Offshore Journey III Reproducing matters

The Offshore Journey

This is part III of The Offshore Journey, please start at part I to get the best reading experience

As previously mentioned in The Offshore Journey, scientists are confident that life started with a simple cell. A cell, a group of atoms coincidentally arranged in a specific order. Combine that with the aid of energy and it will start to multiply. That is what life is: a reproducing matter. Life its reproducing matter originated from the sea slowly changing its appearance and complexity during time. I know it does not sound very romantic; But do not be afraid, even romance is the result of evolution!

So to conclude part III of The Offshore Journey the circle is round. It took four billion years to develop from this one reproducing lonely cell in the offshore realm to the strong highly developed offshore human being in the offshore industry today, who also continues to reproduce….

This was part III of the Offshore Journey, part IV is on the way!

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