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06-29-20 00:00

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OCRE Offshore Services B.V. mobilizes technical experts in the Dutch and International Energy, Marine and Offshore industries. For major projects in the energy and offshore industries, we deliver project management and full project teams. We combine knowledge and capacity in order to stay a player on a high level, on both national and international scale.

We are looking for Client Reps for the offshore wind market in the following scopes:

Scour Protection and Cable Crossing Rock Installation Dredging Scheur Pre Sweeping Cable Lay (export and infield cable) Cable Burial PLGR and OOS cable removal Beach Landing Export Cable WTG Installation UXO campaign OHVS

Job Requirements

  • At least 5 years of experience in offshore wind.
  • Good communication skills. Understand that different people need different treatment/approach.
  • Experience and ability to cooperate in a multicultural, multidisciplinary team. Ability to maintain a good and professional relationship with personnel on board.
  • Ability to seek solutions with an understanding of the different agendas.
  • Ability to flag fatigue and/or low moral on board.
  • Fluent English and Dutch speaking and writing proficiency.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office software.
  • Experience with Microsoft Sharepoint or the ability to quickly learn how to use Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Experience to work along and cooperate with the marine warranty surveyor.
  • Ability to report in an open and transparent manner to the construction manager.
  • Experienced in and technical understanding of the works being executed.
  • Profound HSSE awareness and capability and willingness to stop the works should such become required.
  • Clear language and structured reporting skills.

Depending on the scope, the Crs shall additionally meet the following qualifications/requirements:

Scour protection and cable crossing rock installation

  • Working with DP2 fall pipe vessels;
  • Survey systems on board fall pipe vessels;
  • Working in close proximity of pipelines and cables.

Dredging Scheur

  • Working with Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers;
  • Dredging in shipping channels and liaising with Authorities;
  • Cable trench dredging;
  • Backfilling of a trench on a power cable.

Pre Sweeping

  • Working with Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers;
  • Working in close proximity of pipelines and cables;
  • Pre sweeping.

Cable Lay

  • Working with DP2 Cable Lay Vessel between WTG’s (for infield cables);
  • Beach landings (for export cable);
  • Cable Pull-in activities;
  • Working in close proximity to pipelines and cables.

Cable Burial

  • Working with DP2 Cable Lay Vessel;
  • Beach landings (for export cable);
  • Working in close proximity of pipelines and cables;
  • Burial trials;
  • Reasonable Endeavor for Trenching;
  • Jet trenchers;
  • Chain cutting trenchers;
  • Mixed clay/sand soil conditions as found in the North Sea.

PLGR / OOS cable removal

  • PLGR;
  • Working with a DP Multicat;
  • Cable Removal;
  • Survey systems.

Beach Landing

  • Beach landings with shallow approach;
  • Burial with chain cutter (similar to Nessie II);
  • Working in close proximity of pipelines and cables;
  • Cable beach pull operations.