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Organizational context

The job planner can be found in all types of companies (painting, glazing, metal preservation and multifunctional maintenance companies), especially the larger ones. The Work Planner is responsible for the technical and organizational preparation and for the detailed planning of projects.

He/she works closely with the project manager (project leader, manager or director), who determines the working methods to be followed, the sequence of activities and the materials and manpower to be used. The basis for the work preparation is the accepted offer, whether or not elaborated into a specification, in which the work to be carried out is specified.

The job holder ensures the correct application of legal rules (Working Conditions, VGA, Environmental Regulations, etc.) and company regulations (-.a. quality assurance). These are integrated in a company care system and laid down in a so-called quality manual; the job holder keeps this handbook up to date.

Purpose of the function

As a Work Planner, you are responsible for project design at the workplace. You work according to the company's instructions and working methods.

Result Areas

Plans Translates project specifications (quote) and other information about projects and prospects into a plan (annual plan, project plan, activity plan or otherwise), taking into account the need for capacity in manpower, equipment and materials.

Coordination agreements Contacts involved parties for project implementation. Translates information from project specifications into concrete agreements. Ensures effective cooperation of all parties.

Work set-up Assess the requirements at the workplace to be able to carry out/deliver the project as agreed. Arranges or makes these requirements (work instructions, work descriptions, equipment, material and transport), taking into account the ease of use of and in the workplace. Provide an explanation where necessary.

Progress information Estimate the extent to which the work is progressing according to schedule. Retrieves missing data. Signals timely deviations from the planning and processes data into informative reports.

Improvement proposals identifies bottlenecks and points for improvement in the field of planning and budgeting. Determines suitable methods to improve the quality of these processes. Submits well-argued proposals for improvement.

Quality Assurance Applies knowledge of changes in legislation and regulations on quality assurance to the workplace. Maintain quality manuals. Calls others to account for non-compliance with guidelines and regulations, taking into account employees' familiarity with guidelines.


  • Knowledge of architecture and project management at MBO level (MBO 4).
  • Knowledge of project planning and logistics processes.
  • Knowledge of the company's project management objectives.

Social skill

For making coordination agreements with third parties. Expressive skills for presenting improvement proposals and progress reports.

What we can offer you

Both temporary and long-term contracts can be negotiated. We can offer you a working environment where mutual respect, a good atmosphere, but also hard work are of great importance. You will end up in a new organization that wants to significantly increase its market share and thereby offer its employees good working conditions.

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