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OCRE is at the forefront of safety management in the offshore industry. Our team, comprising expert advisors, experienced project managers, and dedicated client representatives, specializes in delivering comprehensive safety solutions for offshore projects. Up until now we have supported over 25 wind farms, various shipbuilding projects and cable laying projects with our QHSE expertise. See our track record for a complete overview of our previous projects.

We serve the following sectors:

  • Offshore Renewable Energy: Safety solutions for wind farms and tidal projects.
  • Offshore Shipbuilding: Ensuring safety in construction and repair.
  • Offshore Salvage: Expertise in high-risk operations.
  • Offshore Dredging: Safe practices in challenging marine environments.

Our services

Safety Management Services:

  • Safety professionals providing on-site project support
  • Tailored safety strategies for offshore projects
  • Risk assessment and mitigation for complex offshore environments
  • HSE Reports

Quality Assurance Services:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • CSWIP Certified Welding Inspections
  • Advanced Offshore Welding Techniques

Our team is ready for every challenge.

If you have any questions regarding our quality and safety consultancy please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Account manager


QHSE Consultant

Michaela Stevenson