Can you imagine being an ocrean for a decade?


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Can you imagine being an ocrean for a decade?

Jim Bekker has started at OCRE 10 years ago via a personal relation who happened to be a client of OCRE. Some more details regarding Jim; he is 31 years old and is characterized by his level of professionalism, open approach and his sense of humor. In the past he has completed his studies in integrated safety sciences. Therefore, his initial plan was to enter the offshore industry as a safety professional. To accomplish this and fulfill such role, he had scheduled a meeting with the director of OCRE, Mark Okkes. The conversation went so well that OCRE threw a spanner in the works. Jim revised his plans and has been with OCRE ever since. Jim says “Can you imagine being an ocrean for a decade? Ten years later, and I’m still here,” then he smiles, “stuck, but enjoying it to the fullest”.

ocrean for a decadeFrom full-time recruiter to Busines Unit Manager.

OCRE started out with 3-4 people in the office. At the time, Jim was a full-time recruiter. He joined Mark to discover the offshore world, looking for clients and professionals. During their search they got a call from a potential client as they had seen a presentation created by Mark. This presentation got stuck in the client’s mind and they wanted Mark’s, and thus OCRE’s, help to build the world’s largest vessel by gross tonnage. What an opportunity that was! Working for a client that is known as a major offshore pipelaying and sub-sea construction company.

Professionals were recruited through LinkedIn, Monsterboard and OCRE’s own network. Then Jim highlights “During the project, we often had the opportunity to travel to the project as well. On location you really got an insight into the construction of the largest vessel. To reach the vessel you had to board another boat first that would get you to the construction site. Additionally, when you were at the construction site you could see for yourself what our ocreans were contributing to. Besides, as we simultaneously put a lot of energy in acquiring a strong and valuable network, we were able to create more demand.” Then Jim laughs and says “At one point I went by every week with sausage rolls and pastries, that was really cool. I mainly enjoyed the personal contact”. When the project was finished and the (internationally oriented) construction was done after four years, the vessel started sailing itself.

 Flexibility & variety

“What the best thing is about working for OCRE for over ten years? I have seen OCRE grow from 3 people and an Excel list, without any CRM systems and whatsoever to what it is today. Additionally, you’ll never know what will happen next week – in a good way. Every week is different. Today we are supporting the creation of a huge laboratory in Rijswijk, but tomorrow by the end of the day we could have a call with Libya.”

OCRE’s main quality, according to Jim, is that OCRE listens, asks questions and the professional or client on the other side of the phone always knows who (s)he is talking to. Something which can be considered to be unique in these times of mass production and quantity above quality.

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