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OCRE RPO Services and Training

OCRE provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to companies and organises trainings. We offer comprehensive services to manage a client’s entire recruitment process or a part of it. Here is our OCRE RPO Method:

  • Client Requirement Analysis:
    • Understanding client’s organizational culture and specific hiring needs.
    • Setting clear objectives and performance metrics in close contact with client
  • Talent Sourcing and Attraction:
    • Identifying potential candidates through various channels like job boards, social media, referrals, and headhunting. And OCRE Network.
    • Employer branding to attract top talent.
  • Candidate Engagement and Screening:
    • Initial communication with potential candidates.
    • Screening resumes and conducting initial interviews to assess qualifications and fit. Create a Short List of candidates.
  • Interview Coordination and Assessment:
    • Scheduling interviews between the Short List  candidates and hiring managers.
    • Facilitating and organising assessment tools like tests or assignments.
  • Offer Management:
    • Negotiating salaries and benefits on behalf of the client. For permanent and Interim  workers.
    • Presenting formal job offers to selected candidates.
  • Onboarding Support:
    • Assisting with the onboarding process, including paperwork and orientation schedules.
    • Ensuring a smooth transition for new hires into their roles.
  • Compliance and Quality Control:
    • Ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations.
    • Monitoring recruitment processes for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reporting and Analytics:
    • Providing detailed reports on recruitment metrics like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and retention rates.
    • Using data analytics to improve future recruitment strategies.
  • Strategic and ad-hoc Workforce Planning:
    • Consulting on long-term workforce strategies based on market trends and organizational goals.
    • Talent pipeline management for future hiring needs.
  • Technology and Innovation:
    • OCRE uses a unique CRM system in client format as ATS Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) of Client and AI-based tools.
    • Continuous improvement and innovation in recruitment processes.

Our team is ready for every challenge.

For a partnership that ensures efficiency, safety, and success in your offshore operations, choose OCRE. Contact us for world-class offshore crew solutions.



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