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OCRE Offshore Crew Solutions

Excellence in Offshore Manpower; OCRE specializes in providing a comprehensive range of skilled professionals and seafarers for the offshore industry. Our commitment to safety, operational efficiency and expertise makes us an important player in offshore operations


  • Diverse Expertise: From navigation to engineering, project management to drilling, our crew covers every offshore need.
  • Global Standards: Adherence to international safety and operational standards.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized crew configurations to meet specific project requirements.
  • Worldwide Deployment: Capable of mobilizing crews to offshore locations across the globe.

Our Expertise

  • Offshore Professionals and Seafarers
    • Coating Rope Access professionals: Highly skilled in both coating applications and rope access techniques.
    • Blasters, Coating and Scaffolding Specialists: Expertise in surface preparation and scaffolding construction for various offshore needs.
    • Navigational and Engineering Crew: Including Masters, Chief Officers, 2nd & 3rd Officers, DPOs, Chief Engineers, 2nd and 3rd Engineers, Electricians, and ETOs.
    • Support Staff: Comprising Chief Stewards and Cooks, ensuring smooth operations and crew welfare.
    • Rigging Crew: Riggers, Rigger supervisors, Deck foremen
    • Operational Supervisors: Including Bridge, Deck, and Lifting Supervisors, Banksman Slingers, and Storemen.
  • Drilling
    • Leadership Team: OIMs and Tool pushers overseeing all aspects of drilling operations.
    • Drilling Crew: Comprising Drillers, Derrickmen, Roughnecks, and support roles like Mud Engineers and Mechanics.

Our team is ready for every challenge.

For a partnership that ensures efficiency, safety, and success in your offshore operations, choose OCRE. Contact us for world-class offshore crew solutions.



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