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Do you know about The Pioneering Spirit (formerly known as the Pieter Schelte)? It is a large construction vessel which is designed for single-lift installation, removal of huge oil and gas platforms and the installation of heavy pipelines.

Currently the Pioneering Spirit is the largest construction vessel in the world according to Allseas.
OCRE Group was able to contribute to The Pioneering Spirit by delivering Project Management and Commissioning services.

Other Projects

Project Wind Farm Frysland

Project Wind Farm Frysland

OCRE contibruted to this project by supplying Client Representatives Read more about the project on the website of Windpark Fryslan. Source image(Link)

Project Norther Offshore Wind Farm

Project Norther Offshore Wind Farm

The Norther wind farm turbine project is located in Belgium and is their largest offshore wind farm up to now.  It is the sixth wind farm in the North Sea where under six months over 40 wind turbines were build and installed. OCRE Group was able to contribute to the...

Project Formosa II

Project Formosa II

For the Formosa 2 project in Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia we have supplied fabrication QC teams from 2017 to present.