Brand Energy & Infrastructure

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services is a leading service provider in the industrial, construction-related and infrastructure market segments. With BRAND, clients have a single point of contact for Access, Insulation and Coatings.

Our services include scaffolding, rope access, aerial platforms, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, tracing, fireproofing, conservation, asbestos remediation and offshore services.


Contact information

Luchthavenweg 16,
1786 PP Den Helder.

Tel: 0251 213 869

OCRE Offshore Services

OCRE Offshore Services is a global supplier of client custom solutions for (technical) marine professionals on -and offshore. We and our professionals are involved, flexible and driven. We operate on a national and an international scale in the following sectors: wind energy, shipbuilding, dredging & infrastructure, offshore installation & decommissioning, and salvage.

We can, among others, manage projects and mobilize project teams for your project. We combine knowledge, expertise, and capacity in order to stay a national and international player on a high level.


Contact information

Maanweg 174
2516 AB, Den Haag

Tel: 070 2400170